OPTA Arquitectos



This is EVA

She is 40 years old.

She studied Law and worked in international Cooperation many years.

A few years ago she quit her job and founded a family office in the real estate business. They buy properties, fully refurbish them and finally sell or rent them.

Eva loves elegant listed old buildings of Madrid city She also likes decoration and interior design. She has even become a decorator herself ! But Eva has a problem… most of the nice old properties that she finds are in a terrible condition Bad distributions, structural shortcomings, leaks and damps… problems everywhere !! So Eva decides to hire OPTA Architects to help her out, from start to finish. She discovers that, thanks to her Architects, spaces can not only be refurbished….. … but completely transformed !!! Bringing a new life to her properties She discovers that good professionals know in advance the potential of spaces… … that sometimes hide great opportunities of capturing new light, air and views. Therefore, she lived happily ever after ;) ……… The End.




He is 56 years old.

She studied Physics and worked in Telecom companies worldwide.

25 years ago he founded his own high tech company. They design and manufacture very specialized telecom equipment. It’s a successful business that grows every year. They need a bigger and better space to work in.

Fernando is a succesful businessman. He owns an international company with great experience. His expertise in high tech equipment has made his company grow every year. But Fernando’s company has a space problem… they need a much bigger place to work. He would like to work in a nice modern office building that shows the success of his company. Fernando and other partners adquire land to build their office building. We will call it “Bluenet” ! They make a private design competiton to choose their architects. OPTA ‘s project is the winner ! Today Fernando has the modern Blue glass office building that he wanted for his company. But he also has a big patio that brings natural light and ventilation to all the inner offices. He has column free flexible spaces and energy saving facades. He even has courtyards in the basement for the labs, conference rooms and lounges. “Great place to work” say Fernando and his staff. The company has no limits now…



This is LUIS

He is 58 years old.

He is a self-taught businessman.

He started working very young, creating his own supermarket company. After years of hard work and talent he has raised a successful supermarket chain that is grows. He needs to expand his business and develop his own buildings.

Luis is a self-taught entrepreneur that has become a successful businessman. His company is now an important supermarket chain. He decides to hire OPTA. The architects that will help him to build his own shopping centers. Projects soon start becoming a reality. In different locations, Adapting the designs to the local needs, Both new buildings, and refurbishments. In only a few years, Luis has the buildings that his business needed. OPTA is a reliable team !!