OPTA Arquitectos

OPTA ARQUITECTOS S.L.P. is an interdisciplinary architecture design office based in Madrid. For more than three decades it has realized architectural projects and works all around Spain and in many other countries.

Due to its international focus, it strongly believes that the unique character of a site, a program and a client sets a new encouraging starting point for each project. OPTA ARCHITECTS work embraces different scales and types, from large singular projects to highly detailed interventions. Noteworthy is its proven experience in Transport, Retail, Office and Residential Architecture, some of which are winning projects in private and public competitions. Its work has also been published and recognized with international awards.

The office regularly takes part in post graduate programs and university teaching, developing architectural research and permanent training. OPTA ARCHITECTS emphasizes sustainable building as something essential in its Architecture, present in every project, from the preliminary sketches to the work on site.

In OPTA the important issue is not the size or type of project, but who it is designed for.

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